Barbara Prather

Executive Director
ext. 110

Sunni Kegebein

Director of External Relations
ext. 105

Karen Erickson

Director of Programs
ext. 104

Chris Pratt

Director of Operations

ext. 131

Patrick Bird

Volunteer Coordinator
ext. 117

Jim Blough

Warehouse Driver

Holly Caquelin

Client Intake Specialist

Anne Durscher

Community Programs Coordinator
ext. 113

Jim Flood

Warehouse Foreman


Brent Groomes

Inventory Coordinator

Haley Jo Hanson

Program Outreach Coordinator

ext. 112


Shauna Herold

Cook/Food Handling Coordinator


Niki Litzel

Development Manager
ext. 106

Sheri Huber-Otting

Food Solicitor
ext. 126  

Josh Rodgers

Health Educator

ext. 116

Ruth Orth

Accounting Assistant
ext. 109

Alisha Rulapaugh

Front Office Coordinator
ext. 101

Caren Rhoads


Leo White

Food Pantry Supervisor

Stephanie Thoma

Agency Relations Manager
ext. 130

Freddie Williams

Agency Shopping Assistant

Michelle Winkey

Administrative Director 
ext. 107

Kevin Winstead

Warehouse Assistant

Christie Zeien

Customer Service Representative
ext. 128



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