Important Publicity Information for Food Drives

  • Please use the Northeast Iowa Food Bank a member of Feeding America logo on all materials.
    • We can provide access to print and web logos, as well as black and green logos.  Please use the green logo whenever possible. 
    • For commercial printing:  PMS color is #3292 and the CMYK percentages are C: 100, M: 0, Y: 49, K: 46.
    • We request a copy of any advertisement/promotional pieces for the Director of External Relations to review before it is printed or distributed, so we can ensure it is accurate and represents the organization properly. Send it to:
    • If your organization is submitting a news release that mentions the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, please send a copy to the Food Bank before it is disseminated/printed  so the Director of External Relations can review and edit if necessary. Send it to:
    • When referring to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank as the ‘Food Bank’, please make sure to capitalize Food Bank.
    • When referring to the Cedar Valley Food Pantry as the ‘Pantry’, please make sure to capitalize Pantry. 
    • When typing Kids Cafe, please make sure there is no accent on the e. (Like this: Kids Cafe, NOT like this: Kids Café)
      • How to: Simply type Kids Café, then delete the e and retype the e. When you retype the e, the accent will not automatically show up.
      • There is no apostrophe (‘) in Kids.
      • Include the Web site whenever possible on all marketing materials.  It is shown below. 
      • There is no “dash” (–) in nonprofit.

      For More Information:

      Contact Sheri Huber-Otting, Food Solicitor at (319) 235-0507 ext. 126 or by email at

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