Member Agency Packet


Food Safety 

    Food Keeper

    Produce Culling List


Community Resources

 List of Black Hawk County Community Resources

 List of Black Hawk County Food Pantry Sites & Calendar 
 List of Cedar Valley Meal Sites & Calendar   
 List of All County Community Resources in Northeast Iowa 

 List of Food Pantries & Meals in Northeast Iowa

 Produce Handouts

Agency Development Resources


    Awareness Manual

    Agency Brochure Template 

    Agency Business Cards Template 

    Agency Card Template 

    Agency Newspaper Advertisement Template

    Agency Flyer Template 

     Sample Facebook Page

Funding & Grant Writing

    Funding & Grant Writing Manual

    Fundraising Letter Template

    General Grant Resources

    Press Release Template & Tips

    Sample 1- Thank you with words

    Sample 2- Thank you blank

    Sample 3- Thank you postcard with words

    Sample 4- Thank you post card blank


    Organization System Manual

    Food Pantry Client Information Form

    Sample Food Pantry Policies

    Sample Client Tracking Form 


    Volunteer Manual

    Sample Volunteer Information Form

    Sample Volunteer Rules & Regulations

    Sample Volunteer Position Description

    Volunteer Time Donation Template

    Volunteers Wanted Flyer Template

    Volunteers Wanted Newspaper Ad Template




    Rainbow Recipes

    Pantry Recipes

Nutrition Education Resources:

    Making Smart Breakfast Choices


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