Elderly Nutrition 

The Elderly Nutrition program provides food to older Americans who are already on a tight income, living off of retirement funds, social security, SNAP (formerly food stamps), etc.  The cost of medicine, utilities and rent are a stress on an already tight budget.  And sometimes, an older American has to make the choice of paying for medicine or food.  This is where the NEIFB can help provide an answer to that difficult situation.   The NEIFB provides nutritious food to help give a balanced diet and to possibly help keep that person in their home a little bit longer.

The Elderly Nutrition program provides nearly 1300 older Americans with food.  In fiscal year 2017, the program distributed over 21,500 bags and boxes of food, through 33 Northeast Iowa Area Agencies on Aging and Senior Center Sites.

The Elderly Nutrition Program consists of either receiving an Elderly Weekend Bag or an Elderly Nutrition Box.  Elderly Weekend Bags are provided to seniors attending congregate meal programs at senior centers in 13 counties.  Each bag includes foods that seniors can use to prepare a complete meal over the weekend when congregate meal sites are closed.  Elderly Nutrition Boxes are delivered to home-bound seniors who cannot get out to a congregate meal or pantry.