Become a Partner Agency

Why Should You Partner with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank?

The NEIFB provides agencies with a great resource of healthy and nutritious food at a lower cost than buying food direct from the grocery store.  We are equipped to bring in large donations and store it for you until you are ready to order it from our warehouse.

Besides food, the NEIFB offers various resources on how to grow your volunteer base  and how to increase your marketing presence in your community.  The NEIFB has over 200 member agencies that you can connect with and gain valuable information and networking opportunities.

How to Become a Partner

Want to join us? If you’ve been in operation for at least six months, you are eligible to apply for membership. You can get all the details about being a partner agency here.

When submitting the application for approval, please include the following:

  • An Application, filled out completely and signed

  • A Letter of Agreement, also completed and signed

  • A federal non-profit status letter, 501(c)3

  • A $50 nonrefundable application fee (no personal checks or cash can be accepted)

  • A copy of license for service or Health Department Certification (Congregate Meal programs only)

We appreciate your interest, and look forward to hearing from you.  For more information, contact Susan Kraus, Director of Network Relations at 319-235-0507.