Fresh Food for Families

How Growers Can Help

Fresh Food For Families. The Northeast Iowa Food Bank needs your help to collect Fresh Food for Families. You can plant and donate extra produce to feed hungry families in our community. Fresh produce donations may be eligible for an Iowa tax credit and a federal enhanced tax deduction.

Farmers Market Donations help provide 10,000 healthy meals locally. The Northeast Iowa Food Bank picks up after-market donations at four local farmers’ markets. For farmers market donations there is a state tax credit and new in 2016 is an enhanced federal tax deduction.

Gleaning Project is successful with help from UNI’s Recycling & Reuse Technology Transfer Center, the UNI Provost Initiative for Environmental Equity and Resilience (PIEER) team, local farmers and volunteers. We will be locating excess food to be gleaned or picked and/or packaged locally by volunteers to donate to the Food Bank.

Invest An Acre provides farmers a convenient way to donate an acre or more of crop proceeds to help fight hunger. Proceeds from the gifting go directly to the food banks serving the area where the contribution is made. Learn more at

Farm-Food Bank Donation Tax Credit


The State of Iowa offers an income tax credit for a taxpayer that donates a food commodity to an Iowa food bank or Iowa emergency feeding organization.


The credit is equal to 15-percent of the value of the commodities donated during the tax year for which the credit is claimed or $5,000, whichever is less. Any credit in excess of the tax liability for the tax year may be credited to the tax liability for the following five years or until used, whichever is earlier. The tax credit shall not be carried back to a tax year prior to the year in which the owner redeems the credit.

For more information, contact Melissa Hicok at 319-235-0507.