Agnes Kress, CEM


Agnes Kress, CEM


Oct 08 2019 - Nov 09 2019


5:00 pm - 11:00 am

Student Food Drive

What is the Student Food Drive?

Locally, the Student Food Drive (SFD) is an effort conducted by area high schools to collect and donate food to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. The purpose of the drive is multifaceted. In addition to collecting food and funds for those in need, the Drive:

  • Gives students a chance to help their school and other groups in the community
  • Promotes volunteerism and community involvement
  • Gives students the opportunity to develop organizational skills – a “real life” example of how to get things done through teamwork

When is the Student Food Drive held?

The Student Food Drive is held in the fall of each year.

How do the students participate?

The students participate through their high school. The students, with the help of a faculty advisor, plan school events and contests to promote the food drive, organize their food and fund collection, as well as package and deliver the food to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

How are the Students and High Schools Recognized for their efforts?

Participating high schools are awarded funds for needed school or student council projects. Students are recognized for their efforts at an awards part the last day of the drive, where prizes are awarded for different levels of achievement. Participating schools will be added to all paid and no-paid media the Food Bank puts on for the Student Food Drive. Also recognition will be put onto the Food Bank’s social media, newsletter, press releases and email blasts.

Contact Agnes at akress@northeastiowafoodbank.org or 319-235-0507 to learn how your school can participate. 

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