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Board of Directors

Barb Prather

Executive Director

Alisha Rulapaugh

Director of Community Engagement

Michelle Sullivan

Director of Operations

Shannon Bass

Distribution Center Manager

Shelly Bellendier

Culinary Programs Manager

Dan Bohnker

Group Volunteer Coordinator

Jeff Bowman

Driver/ Warehouse Coordinator

Maddie Christensen

Individual Volunteer Coordinator

Lauren Clapp

Pantry Services Coordinator

Deb Eckerman

Inventory Specialist

Jeff Eastman


Susan Entriken

Community Outreach Manager

Jim Flood

Warehouse Foreman

Brent Grooms

Warehouse Coordinator

Tia Guiterrez

Partner Capacity Coordinator

Nikki Hahn

Culinary Manager

Austin Hamlett

Receiving Coordinator

Bryan Helleso

Marketing Manager

Melissa Hicok

Accounting & HR Manager

Tate Hoeppner

Service Insights Manager

Rhonda McBride

Service Insights Manager

Andrew Mohr

Network Services Assistant

Tyler Montgomery

Americorps VISTA

Tammy Morrison

Administrative Assistant

Kelsey Mumm

Partner Capacity Coordinator

Caren Rhoads


Tom Roschen

Fleet Coordinator

AJ Royer

Human Resource Manager

Levi Slight

Retail Store Donation Coordinator

Lisa Spitler

SNAP Outreach Coordinator

Doug Stufflebeam


Tom Swalin

Building Manager

Mara Warnke

Pantry Services Manager

Leo White

Pantry Coordinator

Freddie Williams

Receiving Coordinator

Becca Huber

Food Sourcing Manager