You Did Good Today
July 12, 2019

During a recent Produce and Perishable Distribution, I had an experience that reminded me that when we give of our time, what we receive is always greater than what we give. I was a runner during this distribution, so I was pushing a cart helping people go through the pantry and out to their vehicles.

It was getting towards the end, yet the line outside waiting to get in was still long. I was pushing my empty cart back to the pantry to help the next person, when a younger woman and elderly man came out struggling to carry all their groceries. I hurried over to help and barely got there in time to save their eggs! We loaded up the cart and the young woman hurried to her truck to load her groceries and to make room for the man’s groceries. I helped the man walk to the truck, he was a bit unsteady, so he hung on to the cart as we walked.

When we got to the truck, the young woman helped load the man’s groceries while I helped the man to his side of the truck. As I was about to turn and walk back to the pantry, the man asked my name and stuck out his hand to shake mine. I said my name and as our eyes met, I could see in the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, this was a man who smiled through life.

He said my name as he shook my hand and then simply said, “You did good today!” This instantly brought a smile to my face. He then explained that everyone needs to hear that they did good today-no matter what your day has been-you’ve done at least one thing good today. I said thank you and smiled at him once more as I made my way back to the pantry. I was struck by the thought that I was there to give a hand to those who needed it, but in the end, it was me who received far more than I gave.

– Susan E. (pantry volunteer)