No one should have to choose between paying the bills, buying medicine, or getting food.
The Cedar Valley Food Pantry (CVFP) exists to provide food and grocery products to households in Black Hawk County. Coming to the CVFP enables households to stretch their money further and use the savings to provide other necessities that would otherwise not be available.
There are people in our community that have to ask the hard questions when their income does not go as far as they would hope. They have to ask the hard questions like, “What is more important this month? Food for my two kids or paying the hot water bill?” These are questions that some people in our community wrestle with every month. By coming to the Cedar Valley Food Pantry, we hope to take away some of those questions because their food bill for the week is taken care of by coming to the pantry.

Drive Thru Hours

Drive up. check in. leave happy.


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The first intake visit with the new database process will be the only time you have to answer all the questions. After that, we will simply review your status to make sure there are no changes.

  • No, we will stop accepting clients promptly after 11:00 and 4:00
  • Clients that get in line after 11:00 may stay and wait for re-opening at 12:00 or come back in the afternoon for client choice.

This software provides a safe, secure, streamlined collection and management of service data, helping food banks and agencies better administer their services and resources while reducing administrative costs.

We will ask for the same type of information as in the past, such as name, address, date of birth, income sources and the names and dates of birth of household members. We will not be asking for Social Security numbers.

  • Monday-Thursday
    • Drive-up for pre-registered clients 8:00AM-11:00AM, M-Th.
    • Closed 11-12; drive-up promptly closes at 11:00, only those in line by 11:00 will be served. Late arrivals may wait until noon to shop or return at a later time.
    • Client Choice (shopping inside the pantry) 12-4

  • Friday
    • Produce pantry only
    • Drive- up
    • 8-11
  • ID will be requested
  • Face covering are required
  • Masks required for entry
  • Only one member of the household may shop. Exceptions include young children and vulnerable individuals that may need assistance.
  • Social distancing is required
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby, in-take area and pantry
  • Standing room only, chairs have been removed from lobby to reduce transfer of pathogens
  • No loitering in the lobby. Lobby is for pre-registration only.

Absolutely. This system uses a secure system similar to online banking. We are also very dedicated as staff and volunteers to keep your information confidential.

Depending on how many people in your household, it may take approximately 10 minutes, but it could be less. If you are able to pre-register, we strongly suggest you do so to help reduce the amount of intake time.

  • Go to the “clients pre-register here” tab
  • Register in the lobby, available 8:00-11:00 M-Th.

  • We will only allow 5 people in the lobby area and 5 people in the pantry at one time. Clients will be required to take a number and wait outside or in their cars until their number is called
  • Only one member of the household is allowed in the waiting area and pantry. Exceptions include young children and vulnerable individuals that may need assistance.
  • Clients will be limited to 10 minutes to shop for their groceries.
  • Clients will be expected to respect other clients, staff and volunteers at all times.

You do NOT have to register online unless you want to use the Curbside grocery pickup. The online pre-registration is to help save time for clients when we come back into the building starting October 19.

  • New clients may come anytime during open hours. Pre-registration is required for drive-through. Link to pre-register is available online or in the lobby 8:00-11:00AM M-Th
  • Current clients must come in their assigned half of the month
  • All current clients may visit the produce and perishable drive-through each week.

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