Kids Cafe


The Kids Cafe program is an after-school meal program that not only provides a meal or snack for children, but also a safe place to go after school.


The Kids Cafe program provides over 47,000 meals and snacks to an average of 379 kids per month throughout the school year.  We partner with the Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Club and EPI in the Cedar Valley.




Becker Elementary School

1239 Sheldon St., Waterloo

M-F:  Snack @ 3:15PM

Boys & Girls Club

515 Lime St., Waterloo

M-F:  Snack @ 3:15PM & Dinner @ 5:15PM

Evansdale Boys & Girls Club

3574 Lafayette, Evansdale

M-F:  Snack @ 3:15PM & Dinner @ 5:00PM

Orange Elementary School

5805 Kimball Ave., Waterloo

M-F:  Snack @ 3:15PM

Poyner Elementary School

1138 Central Ave., Evansdale

M-F:  Snack @ 3:15PM

The Salvation Army

207 Logan Ave., Waterloo

M-F:  Dinner @ 5:15PM


425 Lafayette St., Waterloo

Holiday Breaks Only:  Lunch @ 12:00PM