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The Volunteer Experience
Personalized for all interests, schedules, and commitment levels.
Everyone volunteers for a different reason. That's why our volunteer opportunities are individually designed to meet your needs. Because we believe that when you are at your best, so are we. Join other awesome people like you who contributed more than 35,000 hours last year, making it possible for us to distribute more than 8 million pounds of food. It’s easy, fun, and volunteerism makes it possible for us to get the work done.

About Volunteer
You're one small step away!
Watch this short video to learn how to signup for orientation. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or send an email to Dan Bohnker, our Volunteer Coordinator at:
Open Volunteer Sign-up

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer, but would like to test the waters and see what we’re all about first? We have open availability on Tuesday evenings as well as on Saturdays! No orientation or application required. To maintain safe social distance practices, we ask that you sign up each person wanting to volunteer individually.

Long-Term Volunteerism

Are you ready to make an impact? Filling out this volunteer application is the first step towards just that! Whether you are volunteering in the pantry, riding along on one of our many trucks, and even whipping up a kid friendly meal in the kitchen, we need you now more than ever!

After filling out an application, you will receive an e-mail with more information on attending orientation. Long-term volunteers are also eligible for our Volunteer Incentive Program swag!

Court Ordered Community Service

Have you been referred to us by a judge or parole/probation officer to do community volunteering? We have limited availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm and Fridays from 9:00am-11:00am. You must attend a brief 30 minute orientation prior to scheduling shifts that take place on Wednesday starting at 4:00pm.

Please note: If you are being charged, pleading guilty to, or have been found guilty of any of the following offenses, you may not complete your community service hours at the NEIFB: Aggravated/Domestic Assault, Battery, Kidnapping/Abduction, Sexual Abuse/Assault, Domestic Violence/Assault, Rape, Murder)


Are you looking for an impactful internship right here in the Cedar Valley? Check our employment page for internship openings! If you don’t see one available but would still like to work with us, fill out this internship application and we will reach out for an interview! Please note: internships are unpaid.

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A Place For Everyone
Food Brings Us Together
Everyone has a different story behind their desire to volunteer. Here at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank we embrace that and welcome those stories with welcome arms. Here's one of them!


When volunteering, you may park in the front
parking lot on Lafayette Street. During building
hours, please enter the Food Pantry and Offices
door to sign in. There are some programs in
which a Program Coordinator may let you know
you can park in the back employee parking lot.
For after hour groups, you will enter the door
that says Volunteer Entrance unless the Group
Coordinator says differently.

For more detailed and printable versions of our Volunteer Experiences here at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, check out our Individual Volunteer Manual or our Group Volunteer Manual.

Each week we hold a mandatory orientation
session. You only need to attend this session
once. During this time, we will discuss rules as
well as opportunities you will find during your
time volunteering with the Food Bank. We will
also go on a tour of the facility, so you get to see
firsthand all the ways we work to close the Meal

If you are unable to make your shift, please
let us know by 3:00pm the day before your
shift. However, we understand that there are
emergencies. If you are feeling sick, please stay
home! We have contact with a lot of clients
and food, and so we don’t want to spread
germs everywhere. Continuous no-shows
or cancellations may require the Volunteer
Coordinators to reevaluate your work with the

For youth groups ages 12-15 we require one adult chaperone per 3 children, and one adult present for every 6 youth, ages 16 and 17.

To ensure the safety of volunteers in an active warehouse setting, volunteers ages 12 to 15 must to be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering. Volunteers age 16 and above may work without an accompanying adult (exceptions exist for youth groups – see above).

There is a clock-in station located in the Food
Bank office. You may type in your volunteer
code to sign-in and select your assignment for
that day. You must sign-in on the iPads at all
times unless they are out of order. If the iPad
happens to not be working, you may sign-in
on the clipboard forms, however, please let
someone in the office know that the iPad is
not working so we can fix it. If you happen to
forget to clock in or out, please let the Individual
Volunteer Coordinator know and they will
adjust the schedule accordingly.

Once you have successfully completed
orientation, you may begin signing up for
volunteer opportunities. After signing into your
volunteer log-in, you can click “My Schedule”
and begin filling openings that fit your schedule
and interests. We recommend trying out
different volunteer experiences to find your
niche within our organization. If you don’t have
access to a computer, please write down your
name, hours, and volunteer location and the
Individual Volunteer Coordinator will schedule
you. You may not show up without being
scheduled, unless you have prior permission
from a Volunteer Coordinator. Please do
not schedule yourself less than 24 hours in

To begin your journey as a volunteer, you will
need to fill out an application on the Northeast
Iowa Food Bank’s website. From there, we will
send a confirmation e-mail with information
about the next step. Once you’ve completed
orientation, you may schedule yourself to
volunteer by clicking the “Volunteer Login” at
the top of the NEIFB homepage.